Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Suria Di Cordoba - awesome!!!

Suria di Cordoba or Sunlight in Cordova is the latest Malay drama that I've crush on.Frankly speaking, there're sooooo many good Malay dramas nowadays.It's very surprising since it's really hard to find it before.Hehe...I guess, Malay drama producers are getting better now.A big clap for them!Yeay!!!

Now, let's go to Cordova! about Suria di Cordoba.Setting in mesmerizing places; Cordova and Madrid, Spain, a beautiful story AND great casts..What else do we want?So, who are the casts and what is this drama about?



One beautiful modern girl; mixed of Malay and Spanish named Suria Khadijah Parker (Sari Yanti) chose to be an activist to free herself from the materialism. In her search for her parents' love story started in Cordova, she was tested by Allah with an exceptional love story. She was trapped in a triangle story, torned between two men's love; Tengku Huzir (Fahrin Ahmad) and Indera Putra (Adi Putra).Who will she choose?

Here's the official trailer:

The longer version of its trailer:

And....its ost entitled Astana Jiwa sang by Siti Nurhaliza.

Make sure you turn to Astro Prima, every Tuesday, 9. 00 p.m. to watch this drama..^_^

(Updated) If you don't have Astro, don't be sad!You can download it here:

Credit goes to the owner of the photos and videos.



wauuu.. terbaik blog pasal korea..
giler best..

Me said...

haha...terima kasih, pereka cerita..your blog plak mmg terbaik pasal download cerita..

Inn said...

yes it's a gud drama...sangat bagus!tengok stanza cinta tv3 every sunday 9.00pm...juga antara yang terbaik!hehe

Me said...

Sy setuju, Inn.In fact, sy ade novel Stanza Cinta.Hehe..Tapi drama tu lain dari novel die.Huhu...

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